It is a requirement that all buildings over 50 metres high have a wet riser system installed.

All systems are to be designed, installed, commissioned and certificated to BS EN 9990:2015.

Wet Risers are a vital piece of fire protection equipment for buildings. They are intended mainly for the use of the Fire Brigade Service and allows them to connect their hoses to the outlet landing valves.

The water supply for these systems would predominately be via a pumped water supply independent to each building or plot.

There would also be a Fire Brigade inlet at the ground floor to enable the Brigade to connect their pumps to, to ensure the supply of water is not exhausted.

At each level there would be a landing valve as the water pressure at these valves can be over 10 bar, these valves would be pressure regulated at around 8 bar at the outlet, to ensure a safe working pressure.

The riser is left in a wet pressurised condition when not in use, hence the term 'Wet Riser'.

We at Select Fire Services pride ourselves in knowing that we do not sub-contract labour and we install to the highest quality, delivering the product on time and competitively.

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