Pre-Action sprinkler systems combine all the benefits of a standard sprinkler system with the added protection against accidental water damage.

These systems can be used as a more environmentally safer option to Gas Suppression systems.

  • Typical areas of usage are:
  • Data and Computer Suites
  • Electrical Cabinets and Switchgear Rooms
  • Control Rooms and Telecommunication Facilities
  • Stores and Archives
  • Medical and Laboratory equipment

The operation of the pre-action system is via the smoke detectors within the protected room and this is usually using a double knock arrangement.

The typical activation scenario for a type 2 single interlock double knock system is:

  1. Small fire develops within the room and the first incident is smoke.
  2. This will activate a smoke detector which could be in the floor void, ceiling void or below the false ceiling.
  3. This in turn will activate a fire zone on the pre-action control panel, signalling the house fire alarm system. The system will stand by until a further incident occurs, this being another detector from another zone.
  4. Once another zone has been activated, this will release the solenoid valves on the pre-action system and operate the main valve allowing the water to pressurise the pipe work.
  5. The system is now just the same as a standard wet pipe sprinkler system, waiting for the heat to rise to activate the individual sprinkler/s allowing the water to pass.

Unless all three of these incidents occur, the water will not pass through the sprinkler heads, stopping false activations and preventing any water damage to the sensitive equipment that the system is protecting.

Select Fire Services offer a complete service incorporating the design, installation, commissioning of the sprinkler system in accordance with the current standards:

We at Select Fire Services pride ourselves in knowing that we do not sub-contract labour and we install to the highest quality, delivering the product on time and competitively.






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