Fire sprinklers are by far the most efficient and effective fire protection devices available. In the UK, statistics show that in buildings fully protected with sprinklers, 99% of fires were controlled by one sprinkler and 60% were controlled by no more than 4 sprinklers.

Also, most importantly there has never been a multiple loss of life in a fully sprinklered building.

Sprinklers provide a number of other benefits to a building:

  • Early warning:
    In conjunction with the fire alarm system, sprinklers sound the alarm when they operate and therefore increase the time people have to escape or be rescued
  • Limited water damage:
    Sprinklers use much less water than the fire rescue department. This is because the sprinkler system tackles the fire immediately, as it only has a small fire to deal with. A fire sprinkler uses between 4% and 1% of the water discharged by each fire hose, so in the event of a fire, sprinklers will minimise the use of water.
  • Construction Trade offs:
    Sprinklers can reduce the new build costs by the relaxation of certain passive fire measures and provide flexibility to designers and developers. Under building regulations, larger compartments or rooms may be constructed.

Select Fire Services offer a complete service incorporating the design, installation, commissioning of the sprinkler system in accordance with the current standards:

  • British & European Standards:
    • BSEN 12845 Incorporating LPC Technical Bulletins
  • American Standards:
    • NFPA 13 or FM Global

We at Select Fire Services pride ourselves in knowing that we do not sub-contract labour and we install to the highest quality, delivering the product on time and competitively.


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